Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best 2 Years!!

21 April 2006
"Well, I am officially not a missionary. That is sure a weird feeling. I just slept a good 8 hours last night, and that felt good. Life is good here and I am going to enjoy it. It will be hard as I terribly miss everyone. So after the flight earlier. I took my time to get to my family and to see how they were. They were all glad to see me, but I must admit that it was sure a strange feeling. We came home and just chatted about life and how all is going. I drank real milk and had good Mexican food and my Mom got it all ready. It was sure a weird feeling. I met with the stake president and had a good spiritual meeting where I officially became JC Tenney again. I went to bed about 12. I have a lot to do, and it will be weird to open all my stuff up again. Life is weird and I miss my friends but life will likely move along. I will never forget my best 2 years serving the Russian people."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flying Home

20 April 2006
"My mission is coming to an end. I am on the first of 3 flights to get home, and it is crazy. I don't know what to think. We had an interesting day so far and it is only almost 10 by Penza time. First things first - I didn't sleep all that well as I knew I was leaving. After that, we got up at about 3:30 this morning, showered and got all ready and then headed off with Роман. We went to the office and then to the airport. So there, I exchanged some money and then we just waited. We talked with an American so that was cool and we chatted a bit about the church. We saw Лилия who helped us out a ton. We set up everything so it would go smooth. When we left Лилия gave me a hug - it was crazy, but felt good too. Now we're just flying...I hope that I can keep busy for the next several hours, and I will write my feelings as I can.

7:00 PM (Penza Time)

I am going by Penza's time because that is what I have on my watch. That's not so important as is what's happening. Nothing really amazing but a few interesting things. In Germany we split up with Elder Paulsen who flew alone to Chicago while we are headed to Denver. We talked with a few people who wanted to know what we were doing and all. So here on the plane I have been going out of my mind. We have just eaten, but before that, I just sat. We still have 7 hours of flying ahead, and so that should be fun. I am going to write some people and watch something probably. Here on the plane is an Elder Cummins that knows my brother. He just talked with him this morning and was in my brother's zone. I guess it's a small world.

4:00 AM (Penza)

Well, I am on the last leg and almost there. It is sure insane and I can't believe it. It doesn't feel real. It will be even crazier to be home, and see the family in just over an hour. So the last flight ended pretty well, and I slept a bunch and watched the film and all. It was sure crazy but I made it. We went through customs and all before parting with Elder Alton. One of the things I did was ran and got a drink from a water fountain. It felt so good! I jumped on this plane and will soon be home. It is weird to look out the window and see real mountains. Its been so long since I have seen the peaks. It is also strange to hear only English. It has been a long time since I was part o the majority. Well, I want to do a few other things so I will write again later."

Monday, April 19, 2010


19 April 2006
"It is over with. My mission is almost complete. Today was a long day and it just flew. I don't know. We didn't even really do anything. We got in this morning and came to the office where we sat around for awhile. We had our last interviews with President which went pretty well. He told me to continue my study and do the things that I know are right. He thanked me for my service and asked how I felt about my mission. I told him that I love the people so much and that I am going to miss them. I can't express my great love to these people. Well, we sat around a bit more before going to lunch which was awesome. We ate amazingly. Well, after lunch there was nothing to do. We sat around forever. I wrote some e-mails. We went and walked around, and tonight I have just been sitting here a long time again. I am bored and want to do something. I miss my friends in Penza and want to return to them. I hope that someday I will be able to return and see these people. I love them with all my heart, and want to remember them. These are my best friends ever. My goal is to return next summer. We will see how that works out! As for tonight, enough thinking. I need to do anything and not just sit here."

Sunday, April 18, 2010


18 April 2006
"It's done with in Penza. I have officially seen my friends in Penza for the last time (as a missionary). I am going to miss everyone, but at least I have a calm feeling. I have been busy reading and trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of what will be in the next couple of days. Right now we are on the train to Samara and will be there tomorrow morning. I have a really weird feeling of unsureness. I know that all will be alright though and will work out. So today we didn't do a whole lot, but did sleep a lot and we got a bunch of pictures developed. We ate with Boster and Olsen in Трио Пицца for one last time. Like I said I slept a bit and got my last things together. We stopped by quickly to see Раиса and then tonight we went to see Вася and his family. I was at my last meeting, and I can't believe it is almost over. Like I said though, I feel peaceful as though everything will be okay. I know that the Lord will help me as I make thing big change back to life again."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost Done

17 April 2006
"Today was a very interesting day and I feel so crazy. I don't know, it was just a good and bad day all in one. It was bad because I only have one more day left on my mission - well a few more, but one real working day. Well, we went contacting this morning and that went alright. I only have one more time. We then headed off to собрание округа - that went alright. It was awesome and I had a good time talking about the work and seeing everyone. We ran off and stopped by to see Баба Нина who is doing well. I absolutely love her to death and cried when I said my goodbyes. I feel like I really helped her out and I hope that she will continue to be active. We then went and had a meeting with Шавкат who is doing alright. He complained as usual, but I am going to miss him anyways. I love him. We ended the night on the branch apartment where we had my going away bash. It was awesome and I love the youth here. I am going to see them all tomorrow, but I will miss them. We just sat there and played and I will have some good pictures. We gave Анна Ф a blessing as she asked for it and so that was cool. She has a big test tomorrow and hopefully she will pass it. We are now home and I have a lot of people to talk with. I love this place."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time Flies

16 April 2006
"It is coming to a close, and I can't believe it. Everything is going way too fast. It was my last Sunday in Russia on my mission. I can't believe it. We went to the meeting this morning I had mixed feeling. i don't know what to think. I had a talk about how we must become something and about the gospel makes us that. The gospel isn't just a part of my life but it is our very selves. Well, it was a pretty good talk and I was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I am going to miss people and I feel a part of the branch. So I will miss everyone here. We came home and we worked on packing - well I did, and I have all my stuff put away. I slept a bit as I was tired. We then headed out to Андре's place where we met with him for a while and had a good time. He is way funny and I like him a lot. It was cool, and then we came home. So, we are getting ready for tomorrow, and it will be crazy. I am super tired, but all is well. I don't feel as though I am leaving and I wish I did. Life is sure interesting right now, and it will be crazy in a few days. Time flies."

Thursday, April 15, 2010


15 April 2006
"What an amazing day. It feels so good to be busy. I had a good time this morning and got my talk all ready for tomorrow. We then went and did contacting as always, so that was good. We then had lunch and ran off to see Изольда. She is doing pretty good and she is in the hospital right now. Well, we chatted, and I am sure going to miss her. We then went back to the center to look at pictures and go to собрание миссионеров. That went well and it was my last one. We chatted for a bit and then we quick like changed before heading to sports. We played for a while in b-ball - in fact over an hour and I was dead tired. Well, we played and then took off. It was sad and I am going to miss sports. It is so awesome to just be able to play. We are now home and getting ready for tomorrow."